high park | toronto, on | april 9, 2012

the internet is a funny place (right?) but sometimes it brings two similar souls together in such a way that it tricks you into believing that it's always been this way - you've always laughed together, you've always shared life, you've always enjoyed each others' company... this happened in april when one of the loveliest ladies of the west came east to visit our fair city. we lunched, we explored, we sakura hanami'd. (cherry blossoms, we viewed 'em!) having been in touch first through instagram, my friendship with carmyn started because of a shared passion for photography and grew from there as we got to know each other. now, it's safe to say that we'll only continue to bond (we both like good music, road trips are fun, she's got an adorable kitten, etc, etc, etc) as she's moving to ottawa come august. i've got to say... i'm incredibly excited to have more of this fantastic friend in my life.

adventure awaits, yes?