my brother (and his lovely lady, liz) were home this weekend and it was nice. a few highlights could be listed as...

- a care-package from the lovely lady (precious crocheted items, a vintage photo album and typewriter..? eeeep!)
- brunch. twice. (my mother is a goddess.)
- winter walks with the goddess.
- bottle rocket. (it was my first time.)
- gluten-free cranberry muffins. (another first.)
- visiting two tiny, wriggly-bodied, face-licking puppies. (lord, have mercy.)
- finishing/starting books.
- grey lacquered nails.
- booking a flight (at a largely reduced fare) to qu├ębec city for m&c's nuptials.
- ordering a new frock from my very talented pal, jill.
- these photos, electronically sent with love from my aunt jo. (check out how happy the black pup in my lap is, bottom right. she loved me, i swear.)

i'm anticipating much more good-for-my-heart-family-time. it's just too bad cam has since ditched the mushroom cut...